List Serve Email Sign up

HCI@UBC has a number of email lists that are used to send announcements to people who are interested in HCI@UBC.






You can join the list that is appropriate for you by sending email to with the following content in the Body of the message (not the subject line)

 subscribe list-name name(s)

 Where list-name is one of the four email lists given above and name(s) is your name (as you want it to appear on the list) in free text (full name is preferred). The email address from which you send the message will be subscribed to the list.


Subscription is a three-step process. You send the message as above, then you confirm that you want to be subscribed by clicking on a link that will be sent to you, and finally an HCI@UBC administrator approves your subscription. The last step normally happens the same day, although it may take longer on weekends or holidays.


You can remove yourself from a list by sending an email to with the following body


unsubscribe list-name


and the email address from you send the message will be unscribed (there is no confirmation step).


The list hci-ubc-all is the union of the four lists. You are automatically on this list if you join one of the four lists.