What is HCI? Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is a field broadly concerned with the design, implementation, and evaluation of interactive technology. It focuses on the intersection of humans and technology, from traditional desktop computers to ubiquitous computing, from novices to experts, able bodied to disabled, and technophobes to technophiles. It concerns a multitude of contexts, from productivity to healthcare to entertainment, to name just a few. In order to address the range of complexities inherent in creating usable and useful interactive technology, the field of HCI is necessarily very broad and highly interdisciplinary.

The goal of the HCI@UBC initiative: To position UBC among the top schools in North America for Human-Computer Interaction teaching and research.

The vision: HCI@UBC will:

  • Increase familiarity among faculty & students at UBC doing HCI research
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to co-supervise students and collaborate on grants across academic units
  • Establish connections and networking with local and international HCI professionals and industry partners
  • Promote a strong international reputation for HCI research at UBC
  • Enable strong, broad, and interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate curricula in HCI

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